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Hair Quality Guarantee

Covet Original Range – 3 month Guarantee

Covet Original Range includes our Clip-Ins.

Covet Platinum Range – 6 month Guarantee

Covet Hair Extensions will only guarantee extensions if the recommended products are used and proof thereof is supplied (purchase slips etc.).

Hair Extensions that seem to have a problem must be sent back to us within the gaurantee time frame including the proof of purchase for the products used. We will test them and feedback will be supplied. Should the extensions have a quality fault from our side, the extensions will be replaced or refunded, which ever is best suited by both parties.
If the correct products have not been used or proof is not supplied, the guarantee is void.

Recommended products:


1. Covet 100% Natural Shampoo

Sulfphate free, Paraben free & Fragrance Free

A Rich Luxurious shampoo free from Sulphates, Parabens and Artificial Fragrances.

Made from Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Aloe Vera & other naturally derived ingredients.

Suitable for colour treated hair.

Spectacular on the hair, leaving it clean, refreshed and nourished


1. Covet 100% Natural Conditioner

A Rich Luxurious conditioner, free from Parabens and artificial fragrances.

Made from Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Argan Oil & other naturally derived ingredients

Spectacular on the hair, leaving it soft and conditioned

Masques and Oils:

1. Covet Miracle Oil

A Luxurious Oil that leaves the hair soft, smooth and nourished.

Rich in Vitamen E and essential fatty acids designed to moisturise & protect from environmental stressors.

Hair Extension Aftercare:

  • Brush your hair before washing to reduce tangles
  • Do not sleep with wet extensions as this may result in matting and tangling
  • Plait your hair before bed or tie hair in low ponytail
  • Do not expose the extensions to chlorine/salt water for prolonged periods as this will dry out the extensions
  • Do not soak your extensions for prolonged periods as this may result in slippage
  • Do not rub your extensions vigorously as this may result in tangling 
  • Moisture is essential and no protein-based products may be used
  • Use a salon quality heat protector before heat styling your extensions
  • Do not bleach or lighten your extensions, doing so will result in moisture loss
  • Brush your extensions from the bottom upwards
  • Do not sleep with clip-in extensions still attached
  • Avoid hairstyles that are too tight as this will cause damage to the natural hair
  • Do not wash your hair upside down as this may result in slippage, tangling and damage to the natural hair

Proper aftercare and a regular maintenance program with your stylist is important to ensure the longevity of your extensions and the integrity of your natural hair.

Covet Hair Extensions should be installed by a professional stylist, never attempt to install permanent extensions by yourself or ask a friend to do so.