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Russian Hair Extensions | Are They Really Russian?

Published : 11/07/2018 12:50:10
Categories : Our Blog

“Ooh this is Virgin Russian Hair! “, says the socialite walking the streets of Brentwood as her friends comment on her gorgeous new set of extensions. “It cost me £350 and will last me a year, not too shabby right? UHM wrong!

Too many lies have been spread like wildfire in the hair extension industry and the sad truth is that those lies are now truth. We have an industry flooded with lies, deceit and ridiculous grading with so many A’s, who knows where it all will end.

Russian Hair is very expensive and low amounts are available for hair extensions to the general public.


That’s rubbish, you might think, because there are tons of “Russian/European” hair extension suppliers.

We hate to break it to you, but the truth is that there are tons of deceitful suppliers using terms that appeal to possible hair extension clients.

Real natural Russian hair is the ONLY true European hair on the market."Russian" means not just imported from Russia, but the hair is sourced from selected Russian ethnicity donors.

This is the rarest quality hair in the world and is used by very few extensions artists and wig makers.

Anybody who knows anything about hair is fully aware that this is the ultimate. Hair suppliers all over the world try to find this hair but most of them fail to succeed due to the limited availability of real natural Russian hair and its REAL cost. This hair is of the purest, silkiest quality you can find. It has been grown in the cold Siberian regions and has never been chemically treated.

Some suppliers claim they sell "Russian Hair from Russian Siberia" but the hair they sell is actually collected in neighboring Russia countries like Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia... (former Soviet Union Republics). The hair from the population of those countries is not even close to the "baby fine" texture of real Russian hair. The texture of that hair is very similar to Indian, Chinese or Mongolian hair, sometimes even coarser. But a lot of hair vendors are trying to sell that hair as "Russian Hair" using an old Western mind stereotype that entire former Soviet Union is simply "Russia" and if the hair is from Russia it must be "Russian".

Why it’s not Russian hair? Because the supply of natural, real Russian hair is extremely limited, so it is impossible to colour process it in the industrial way similar to huge quantities processing of Indian/Asian hair. Not to mention that during the colour processing there is a 30% loss of hair. Imagine the cost of the final product if that would be real natural Russian hair industrially colour processed? Only cheap hair in huge quantities can be acid processed and coloured that way. Besides, why would someone process and pre-colour this very limited, precious, most expensive natural Russian hair if the only reason why it is so expensive is because the availability of this hair in its natural state is extremely limited.

The supply of real Russian hair is not sufficient for an industrial colouring and the cost of such process with already very expensive raw hair cost would be astronomical. That is why well known hair extension suppliers with retail distribution systems simply don't carry real natural Russian hair, although they are pretending to. So, if you see someone offers pre-coloured "Russian Hair", you can be sure that the hair you will get is not real Russian hair.

True Russian hair is not available in 40-60 different shades and will not come packaged in PVC sleeves! You will not get genuine Russian hair in #18/22, #37, any mixed colours or balayage shades. That is processed hair. Virgin Russian hair is un-processed, hence the low availability and enormous price tag. Russian hair is only available in machine wefts, clip-ins and pre-bonded. Russian hair has an incredible lifespan of up to 7 years, due to the fact that it is cuticle intact, unprocessed (virgin) hair.

A 19-20 inch weft will cost you £390.70 for 40 grams of hair. How many grams does the average woman need? Between 120-150 grams are needed to give full, natural results, which bring your total to £1287. That is the correct price tag for genuine Russian Hair Extensions. If your supplier is supplying you with Russian/ European hair, with over 30 shades including balayage and ombre, and charging under £1000, get real! Educate yourself, do your homework and stop falling for clever marketing tricks.

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