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The 4 Questions You Need To Ask When Meeting A Hair Extension Supplier

Published : 11/07/2018 13:20:29
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It’s no secret that finding a hair extension supplier is easy, there are tons of suppliers out there and they always pop up on social media platforms, even when you are browsing for recipes! With a constant demand for hair extensions, it might be the bride to be or the glamorous fashionista, hair extensions are a crucial service of any reputable hair salon.

Unfortunately, for some hair salon owners, it is a headache and a part of their services that they shut down completely because they have been let down by suppliers far too many times.

When sourcing a hair extension supplier like Covet Hair, there are 4 essential questions you need to ask when you sit down with the company representative that will save you the headaches in future. If they do not have a representative and the company products are not showcased in salon, run! All reputable hair extension companies have field representatives that come in and showcase the actual products. If they do not have representatives in your area, ask for samples of the products along with all relevant details.

1. Which type of hair the company uses, why and where the hair is sourced.

This is an extremely important question to ask. Hair is either sourced in China, India and Europe. Hair must be sourced ethically and not forced from a small girl in Tolyatti (Russia) or granny in Yihezhuang (China). Keep in mind the scarcity of hair according to origins. European hair is extremely scarce as very few women wish to cut off their long shiny locks. The hair is often sourced in prisons and from the exceedingly poor. Indian hair is highly available as the women donate their hair as part of religious customs. Chinese hair is relatively available as a lot of women choose to cut their hair to receive money to support their families. There are various poor villages in China that hair extension manufacturer’s visit in order to receive hair from women wishing to donate their hair for reimbursement.


2. Is their hair extension range true Remy?

Most companies will tell you their hair extensions are “Remy”, everyone says that, but not everyone grasps the true meaning of true Remy hair extension products.

True Remy hair has a long lifespan, not 3-6 months. Remy means that the cuticles are kept intact and run in the same direction from root to tip.

If a supplier gives you a lifespan of 3-6 months, run! Hair that only lasts 3-6 months is non-Remy hair that has been acid-bathed to remove the protective cuticle layer.

Afterwards a silicone layer is applied and set using high temperatures to “cure” the hair. The silicone is hydrophobic and will not come off when washed.

The suppliers of this hair will usually recommend sulphate free products and/or have their own hair care range laden with silicone to keep the silicone layer intact.

True Remy hair extensions have a lifespan of a year and beyond depending on the source.   


3. Which Products they recommend for their hair extension range.

This is an imperative question to ask and will tell you a lot about their hair and the quality. If a supplier recommends their own range, have a look at the ingredients. If you see dimethicone, amodimethicone, trimenthicone an dimethiconol, to name a few, be very vary. Heavily silicone laded products coat the hair and maintains an existing silicone coat. Silicone in small amounts is generally ok, because it acts as a spreading agent, making the product easy to distribute. If a supplier recommends high protein based products, run! Why would hair need high amounts of protein? Because it has been fried, chemically fried!

Quality Remy hair needs moisture. True Remy hair has been cut from the donor and no longer receives any nutrients from scalp oils. Therefor a range designed to deliver moisture will be recommended. Sulphate free products may be recommended by some suppliers to protect the silicone layer on their hair extension products.


4. What about my guarantee and what happens when I have an issue?

Reputable suppliers usually have a guarantee in place when the correct products have been used. They should be able to tell you what steps will be taken when a salon client complains. It is always best to work with a supplier who gives a solid guarantee on their hair extensions and sticks to that guarantee.

The aftercare a supplier provides is essential to the business relationship moving forward, which is why you must work with a reputable supplier who provides consistent and genuine quality.

If a supplier fails to answer these 4 basic questions, you can be sure that you are not dealing with a reputable supplier. How long the supplier has been in business is not always a good indicator of a reputable supplier, in most cases it comes down to excellent marketing, not excellent products and service. Working with an educated, honest supplier is essential for any hair salon owner serious about their business and their hair extension services.