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Indian Hair Extension | Why They Are Your Best Option? - Covet Hair

Published : 11/07/2018 12:53:44
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Indian Hair Extensions have been around for the past few decades and there is a reason why. With the scarcity of genuine Russian Hair, manufacturers were looking for the next best thing and that was when they found black gold. For centuries Hindu pilgrims have donated their hair in a ritual of purification.

Today this hair has become a precious commodity and an extraordinary economic resource.

Our story begins with a myth. While planning his wedding to the goddess Padmavathi, Vishnu accumulated a large debt with Kubera, the gods' treasurer, who, in consideration of the high interest rate he had stipulated, decided that the loan could be paid off by hundreds of generations over the centuries to come. For hundreds of years, devotees have donated money or jewellery. Many will not hesitate to offer the only thing they own - every day 40,000 pilgrims donate their hair in a ritual of purification.

Until a few years ago the hair donated to the temples was burned or used to stuff mattresses. Today this hair has become an extraordinary economic resource.

indian hair extensions.jpg

Indian Hair has a texture that closely mimics that of Russian hair and has an excellent lifespan when processed correctly.

This makes Indian hair excellent for hair extension products, but it has to be cuticle intact, all cuticles facing the same direction.

The hair must be collected in a ponytail and not from the floor. When dealing with true Indian Remy hair, the hair is soft,

slightly poofy and has a 2 year lifespan depending on the shade. Lighter blondes tend to have a shorter lifespan, due to the processing.

The hair is dark brown to black in its virgin state and has to be processed to a platinum blonde, you do the math.

Indian hair is naturally wavy when left to air dry and blends perfectly with Caucasian/Indian clients.

Unfortunately many hair extensionists and salon owners have been introduced to Indian hair that is not cuticle intact, has been acid-bathed, silicone coated and branded with a 6 month lifespan. Many salon owners and stylists have been led to believe that Indian Hair is inferior quality and cannot compete with the Russian hair extensions that lasts a year or the Mongolian Hair that lasts a year. The truth of it all is that you have been deceived by your suppliers and they have been deceived by their manufacturers.

All the lies have started with Chinese manufacturers; they collect the leftover hair from the floor at the temples, because the hair has little to no value. They acid bath the hair and coat it and sell it as Indian Remy Hair that has a lifespan of 6 months. They collect Chinese hair, which has a thick hair structure, acid bath the hair, coat it and call it “Russian Remy” hair with a lifespan of a year, maybe longer. The Chinese suppliers prefer working with fallen hair as it costs them a lot less than purchasing single donor hair. To make it all worse and more confusing, they grade the hair with AAA+ up to AAAAAAAA+, which in actual fact means nothing! All it means is you are buying fallen hair, non-Remy hair, coated to perfection.

Fortunately not all hair extension suppliers or hair extension manufacturers are deceitful, there are just too few willing to trade ethically. It’s all about the money, and not a single care in the world for all the lies they spread.

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