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The Truth About Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Published : 11/07/2018 13:14:39
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With a hair extension market flooded with “double drawn” hair extensions, it is so easy to be fooled by uneducated and unethical suppliers. So let us begin with the facts.

Single drawn hair refers to hair that has been collected in a bundle from a single donor. The hair is taken and used to produce any form of hair extension, be it I-Tip Hair Extensions, U-Tip Hair Extensions or Clip-In Hair Extensions. Single drawn hair consist of various hair lengths and tapers more toward the ends. This is due to the natural hair growth of the donor.

Hair grows in 3 different stages, during the anagen phase the hair grows around half an inch a month, this phase lasts an average of 3-5 years meaning lengths of 20 to 30 inches may be achieved. The anagen phase typically lasts longer in Asians and can last as long as 7 years with hair reaching lengths of 1 metre.

At the end of the anagen phase the hair enters catagen phase, a short transitional phase. Afterwards the hair enters the telogen phase which is known as the resting phase where the hair falls out. The hair follicle remains inactive for a period of 3 months before the whole process is repeated. Each hair follicle is independent and goes through the growth cycle at different times. This results in different hair lengths. Another factor to take into consideration is that natural hair is exposed to the elements and withering occurs. With single drawn hair, only the shortest hairs are removed with a hackle by hand.


Double drawn hair refers to hair that is the same length and thickness from the top towards the ends.

During the process to create true double drawn hair, various bundles are collected from donors and all the shorter hairs are removed leaving only the longer lengths.

This is achieved by drawing boards/mats. The hair is drawn in alternating directions and bundled according to the various lengths.

It takes roughly 10kg of hair to produce 1kg of double drawn hair, which makes double drawn hair extremely expensive.

This is not appealing to most manufacturers as this process often leaves them with undesired lengths and costs them unnecessary money. 

Most hair extension manufacturers are deceitful when it comes to double drawn hair and suppliers are either uneducated or deceitful as well. They take various bundles that are not collected from single donors, be this from the leftover hair at the temples in India or by unethical collection in Asia and China. The hair is bundled and acid-bathed, which strips the hair cuticles resulting in inferior quality hair extensions.

They remove some of the shortest hairs to make each set appear double drawn.

You are left with hair that appears double drawn because the roots and tips are misaligned creating a thicker appearance.

Double drawn is a term thrown around loosely by many suppliers. True double drawn hair extensions, be it Indian or European Hair is extremely expensive. Do not be fooled by deceitful suppliers. 

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